August: Short-Term Success Stories

Mr. Brant, August short-term success story and resident of Shady Lawn.

Mr. B was admitted to Shady Lawn following a hospitalization due to a fall with resultant removal of artificial knee joint and infection. He was admitted to our facility with knee immobilizer and weight bearing as tolerated. Upon admission, he was dependent for hygiene tasks, bathing, transfer to standing positioning, and sliding board transfer to bedside commode. Mr. B required moderate assistance from staff to transfer from wheelchair to bed and bed to wheelchair and was unable to stand at his walker. He worked hard in therapy and did his exercises in his room on his own time when not in therapy to improve his endurance and strength. He was motivated to return home. At discharge, he was able to transfer with the sliding board independently to the bedside commode, the bed, and wheelchair, was independent with hygiene, bathing, and dressing, and also able to stand for 30 seconds with assistance. He stated, “I found the staff hard working for my recovery, they pushed me hard and never gave up on me. Somedays I needed them to get me up and get me moving, they showed me the path home.” Mr. B was a pleasure to work with and worked hard to get home. We couldn’t be prouder of you, Mr. Brant!

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