Birthday Wishes and a Warm Welcome!

orange red green and yellow party balloons with orange teal red pink blue ribbon

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Residents!
Erma B. December 08
Jimmy M. December 12
Trice M. December 15
Darlene O. December 15
Paul C. December 20
Eva J. December 21

Happy Birthday to our Staff!
Angela G. December 13
Virginia G. December 13
Candace S. December 24
Hannah C. December 25
Arleen L. December 30
Sheila D. December 30

Shady Lawn would like to welcome our newest residents:
Tracey B.
Charles S.
Josephine W.
Mary F.
Gerald S.
Rozelle B.
Bernard D.
Billie M.
Lavina T.

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