Indoor Winter Fun

Tell the cold weather to take a hike, and get ready to have some fun!

Winter Beach Party – Bring that fun-in-the-sun feeling into your home with a winter beach bash. Spread beach towels on the living room floor; wear your swimsuit and a pair of flippers (why not?); feast on hot dogs; make castles out of clay and play-dough, and don’t forget to take pictures!

Winter Word Race – Challenge your friends and family to a race of the minds. Set a kitchen timer for one minute. When the time starts, write down as many winter-related words as you can think of. The winner gets a cup of hot cocoa and the chance to choose the next word race topic.

Beach Ball Drop Game – Arrange players in a circle and have them number off. The player with the highest number is “It.” He or she stands in the center of the circle and calls out a number while dropping the beach ball. The player with that number must catch the ball before it reaches the floor. If the player catches the ball, “It” calls another number. But if the beach ball touches the floor, then that player is “It” and the game continues.

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