Letter from the Administrator

Let me begin by saying Shady Lawn is strong; our residents, our families and the staff are amazing. I know this past month and the month ahead are filled with uncertainty, but we will get through this together! Our community is blessed to have such caring hearts.

Our residents are sequestered away to make every effort to protect them, this has been heartbreaking to not allow visitors, but necessary. The staff is doing their best to increase in room activities, provide residents with Skype access to families and even using their phones to help with Facetime. It has also been acceptable for family to come to the window of their loved ones just to see them. In the entire 35 years of healthcare, I have never seen anything like this and hope and pray to God I never do again.

I can’t help but think of the scripture in Psalm 46:10,11 (Be Still and Know I am Your GOD). Now is the time to calm your heart, and for those that are allowed to stay at home with family, take this time to draw close, reset priorities and pray for those that are on the battlefield of this virus and for the ones that are battling the virus itself.

Today the elderly is our most vulnerable population. We ask that if you have a neighbor that is elderly or disabled please check on them. Call us and we will do everything we can do to help. This is our home and our town, and we will protect and care for anyone who needs it.

This will pass and families will reunite, and it is my hope our community will be stronger and closer.

Thank you for your understanding and prayers.

Candy Denley


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