Letter from the Administrator

May is upon us and we look forward to the warmer days, flowers and God willing FREEDOM. We are still prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our Shady Lawn family and community here safe. Social distancing is now the norm. Our staff follow every precaution we can to protect our residents. I look to the day when we can hug again and see smiling faces instead of face masks. This has truly been a heartbreaking time for our whole country. We’ve made it through two world wars, 9/11 and other pandemics such as TB, polio and Spanish Flu. I know we will win this battle and better days are ahead! I invite everyone to pray for our country and our state of Kentucky. Pray for our graduating Seniors that are missing the pomp and circumstance and the celebrations with friends that they may have spent a whole childhood together with. Pray for our children who are missing the opportunity to learn and socialize in school. Pray for our healthcare providers and other essential workers who put themselves at risk every day to ensure our most vulnerable people, our elderly, and everyone else are protected.

I cannot promise that the corona virus will not find its way into our small community, but I can promise we are doing everything humanly possible to try and keep it out. Just as it finds its way into people’s homes, businesses and hospitals nursing homes are also not immune. There has been a lot of press on nursing home cases. We pray for them. This virus attacks without warning. People can be completely symptom free and carry it, it can come in on boxes and papers. We will always try to go above and beyond what is required to protect our family here. If you have any questions about our practices, please feel free to call me.

Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Candy Denley, LNHA

Administrator, 270-522-3236

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