Letter from the Administrator

Happy Spring to all!

Well, March 20th marked the first day of spring for us and hopefully everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. As it continues to warm up, expect to see our residents enjoying the outside much more frequent. With spring, comes our favorite chore…spring cleaning. I think the increased sun gives us energy which we naturally turn to cleaning to use up that energy. I would like to ask our residents’ families and friends to help us at this time by cleaning out their closets of items they no longer wish to use and also start to switch out their winter clothing to spring clothing. Decluttering their closets will help our staff keep their belongings organized and readily accessible for our residents. Lastly, I was to continue to thank you for your patience with our remodel process and I hope you find our progress pleasing. Please feel free to come to me with any concerns and remember, my door is always open.

All the best,

Mary Cayte Blocker


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