Letter from the Administrator

You know it was brought to my attention that we didn’t have picture of our CNA’s on our Social Media Page. I just wanted to take this time to express my gratitude for our CNA’s. These girls are the ones who know our residents best and I can say that we blessed beyond measure to have them! They say that raising a child takes a village but caring for our elderly and disabled takes a community of caregivers with the heart for those who can no longer care for themselves. I am so proud of our CNA’s and I can attest that our residents are very thankful for them as well.

So, each month I am going to spotlight our special employees and thank them for the amazing jobs that they do. Our community here at Shady Lawn would not be the comfortable place it is today without them.

The first person for the month I’d like to spotlight is Bernita Boyd CNA. She has been here almost 30 years! She says she is going to retire next year, but she looks and acts like she’s only in her 40s! She’s a tell it like it is woman but a very soft heart at the core. We are blessed to have her here with all her years of experience!

Our nurse I’d like to spotlight is Missy Cavanaugh. She is a LPN who has been here several years as well. She was one of our floor charge nurses who moved into a part time administrative role and has blossomed into a very dedicated and above and beyond nurse! Thank you, Missy, for the hard work and dedication you have put into making sure our residents receive the best care possible!

There is no amount of money or enough words of thanks that will be adequate for those that care because they care. This is something that comes from the heart and the soul. You either have it or you don’t. I will say in my years of nursing I have come across both. It’s always uplifting to know that there are those that just choose to care.

Thank you to my Shady Lawn CNA’s and staff for amazing work you do!

Candy Denley


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