National Indoor Plant Week

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National Indoor Plant Week is recognized during the third week of September and there is no better time to add a little flora to your home. If you are thinking about plant ownership but aren’t confident in the greenness of your thumb, worry not! Here is an introduction to different types of house plants that are easy to keep!

  1. If you’re living in a home without much direct sunlight, give low-light options like heart-leaf philodendron, prayer plants, or dracaena a chance.
  2. If you have lots of sun, try out plants like jade, yucca, cactus, or ponytail palm.
  3. If you’re someone who tends to forget about your plants, succulents, kalanchoe, and philodendrons tend to do okay on their own.

Go to your library or online to learn about different varieties. See what these plants look like, their care instructions and choose ones that work best for you! Indoor plants are more than just green décor, they create oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide, and help us feel more connected to nature. If you’re unable to keep plants inside due to medical or housing restrictions, think about a lovely artificial plant. Their pretty plastic leaves are sure to brighten up your space!

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