National Hydration Day: June 23

— Maintaining adequate hydration is an essential component of health at every stage of life, yet can become more challenging as we grow older. For seniors, proper hydration has been associated with fewer falls, less constipation, better recoveries in orthopedic patients, reduced risk of bladder cancer in men and lower rates of fatal heart disease. Getting... Read More

National Cancer Survivors Day

— National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5, is a celebration of life that is held around the world on the first Sunday in June. It is a celebration of those who have survived, and hope for those who are still battling their illness. Did you know: In America there are more than 16.9 million cancer survivors,... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Hello families and SLN friends! If summer is your favorite time of year, then you and I have something in common! It’s the time of slowing down and enjoying those long summer nights. This month is different because it has the longest day hours in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest night hours in the... Read More

Nursing Home Week

— We participated in Nursing Home Week, choosing a different theme for staff to wear each day. Here are a few pics from our celebrations this week! Monday – Western Day Tuesday – Decades Day Wednesday – Game Day Thursday – Twins Day Friday – Luau Day

Kentucky Derby Day

— Grab your hats and let’s make a bet! We celebrated Kentucky Derby Day with making our own hats and celebrating Johnny B.’s big “win” on choosing the wining horse!

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

— We all know that we should be eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet, but many people don’t consume the recommended amount. In fact, a study published in 2017 by the CDC found that only 1 in 10 adults meet the recommended intake. As a reminder of the importance of eating fruits... Read More

Act F.A.S.T.

— Acting F.A.S.T. can help stroke patients get the treatments they desperately need. The stroke treatments that work best are available only if the stroke is recognized and diagnosed within three hours of the first symptoms. Stroke patients may not be eligible for these if they don’t arrive at the hospital in time. If you think... Read More

Honor & Remember: Memorial Day is May 30

— Take time this Memorial Day to visit, call, text, or video chat with a loved one who served, or a loved one who may have lost someone special that served. Ask them to share their stories and reminisce. Listen and learn from their history. Be sure to let them know how much they are valued... Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

— Be sure to take a moment on Sunday, May 8 to honor moms, foster moms, surrogate moms, grandmothers, aunts, and the other important women role models in your life. Let her know how much she means to you by calling, texting, video chatting or sharing photos on social media. Take her out to lunch, shopping... Read More

Short-Term Therapy Success Story

— Mr. Billy Ray A. came to us following hospitalization due to exacerbation of heart failure and debility. On admit he was able to ambulate only ten feet with a rolling walker, require assistance with transfers, stand for 30-60 seconds during ADL’s, required moderate assistance with upper body dressing, dependent for lower body dressing, and dependent... Read More