Short-Term Therapy Success Stories: Mr. Jake

Mr Jake, resident at Shady Lawn

Mr. Jake admitted to facility following a hospitalization from end-stage kidney disease with new onset of dialysis three times a week. He was extremely weak upon admission, unable to sit up unsupported, moderate assistance for transfers to and from bed, unable to walk, could stand for only four minutes, MAX assistance for dressing and hygiene, dependent for putting on and taking off socks and shoes, and AMX assistance for meal prep. After hard work and determination to return home with his family, he was able to safely be discharged. He was walking 100 feet with his rollator, independent for transfers, participating in standing activities for greater than 10 minutes, independent with meal prep and cooking, walking up and down three steps, independently dressing, bathing, and putting on socks and shoes. His goal was to sit unsupported for 20 minutes. At discharge from therapy, he was able to sit unsupported for 30 minutes. Way to go, Mr. J!

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