Thanksgiving Crafts

Thankful Wreath: Start with a paper plate and cut out a half circle from the center of it. Under the horizontal cut, write the words “I Am Thankful For…” then draw some leaf shapes on construction paper and cut them out. Write down things that you are giving thanks for and then glue the leaves around the plate covering it like a wreath. Hang the wreath on your door so you can remember how thankful you are.

Edible Turkey: To make one turkey, you need two Double Stuff Oreo cookies, candy corn and a chocolate covered raisin. Open one of the Oreos. The side with the filling will be the base of the turkey. Eat the other part! Take the other cookie and stand it upright in the filling. Stick pieces of candy corn in the filling of the upright cookie for feathers and place the raisin in front of the body for the turkey’s head.

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