January 2023 Calendar

January 1
10:30am-Resident Led Bible Study
1pm- New Year Goals and Reflection

January 6
10:30am-Devotional Bible Study
2pm-Card Games-Spades

January 7
9am- Coffee and Conversations
3pm-Puzzles & fun!

January 11
2pm-Make Thank You Cards for family, friends or staff.
3pm-Heart 2 Heart Visits

January 16
11am-Guess the price game
2pm-Choclate Chip Cookies and Milk Social

January 19
10am-Chair Zumba
10:30am-Kazoo Music

January 22
10am-Resident Led Worship
10:30am-Resident Led Bible Study

January 27
3pm-Make a marshmallow snowman & Popcorn
6pm-Resident Choice Movie

January 31
10:30am-About Me Dice Game
3pm-Fancy Nails