A Special Thank You!

— We would like to thank all the Shady Lawn families, community friends, employees and church groups that helped provide Christmas gifts for our residents through our Angel Tree Program. We had an overwhelming response and requests to help our residents. Thanks for thinking of us at this special time of year.

Birthday Wishes and a Warm Welcome!

— Happy Birthday Residents! Branda J. January 20 Tracey B. January 23 William G. January 23 Clinton T. January 31 Happy Birthday Staff! Mary R. January 03 Heather H. January 06 Mary H. January 08 Tracy N. January 10 Rachel R. January 16 Brittney H. January 22 Candace M. January 22 Shady Lawn would like to... Read More

“Wow, you look great today!” Welcome to January 24, Compliment Day!

— We can all agree that it feels great to receive a compliment. Compliments are one of the easiest ways of spreading happiness around you while also increasing your own. The more you compliment, the better you feel having brightened someone’s day. Here are five different ways you can compliment someone to think about. Complimenting Positivity... Read More

Birdwatching Day – January 5

— Dust off your binoculars on January 5 for National Bird Day! There are plenty of benefits to taking part in birdwatching: physical activity, learning something new, spending time outdoors… the list goes on! Being outside is great for your mental health, as it generally improves your mood and provides you with a space to move... Read More

Cut the Clutter in the New Year!

— Is clutter bogging you down? Maybe it is stealing valuable closet space? Or collecting dust on too many knick-knacks? Cut the clutter with these easy steps: First, identify different types of clutter: Something you have had for more than six months and have used one time or less. Too many items crammed into a small... Read More

Donate Blood and Blood Plasma Safely to Help Save Lives

— This January, the American Red Cross celebrates National Blood Donor Month and recognizes the life-saving contributions from blood, platelet, and plasma donors. As we begin the New Year, the Red Cross and CDC are encouraging individuals to donate blood and plasma if they are well and able to do so, while continuing to practice safe... Read More

Resident Spotlight: Kathern B.

— Kathern is one of our many cherished residents that make Shady Lawn a brighter place every day with her contagious smile. She was born in Webster County in 1925. She eloped at the age of 16 and became a military wife immediately. She remained married to her husband JB for 64 years before his passing... Read More

Birthday Wishes and a Warm Welcome!

— Happy Birthday to our wonderful Residents! Erma B. December 08 Jimmy M. December 12 Trice M. December 15 Darlene O. December 15 Paul C. December 20 Eva J. December 21 Happy Birthday to our Staff! Angela G. December 13 Virginia G. December 13 Candace S. December 24 Hannah C. December 25 Arleen L. December 30... Read More

Holiday Angel Tree

— It’s that time of year again, when we put up our Holiday Angel Tree. However, this year we need to do things a bit differently. We can’t allow visitors inside the facility to choose an angel, but you can still be part of our program. If you are interested in participating in our holiday program,... Read More

Keep It Simple: Resolutions for 2021

— Most would agree that sticking to New Years Resolutions is tricky during the best of times, and planning resolutions while in the midst of a pandemic can be extra challenging. The most popular resolutions, like more exercise, saving money, and eating healthy, are difficult to get excited about when you are burdened with every day... Read More