Say Hello to Snowflake

December 31, 2021 — Our naughty Elf, “Snowflake”, decided to help himself to the Activity Department’s candy jar. It sure looks like he enjoyed himself. Wonder what other mischief he’ll get into this month?

Christmas Parade

December 31, 2021 — We were excited to be a part of the Cadiz Christmas parade. Merry Christmas from us and all our friends at SLN to you!

Lego Fun

December 31, 2021 — The word Lego is taken from the Dutch for “play well,” which is leg godt. The word is now synonymous the whole world over for a toy which everyone loves to play with – old, young, boy or girl. Many people own or have owned a bucket of Legos in their childhood. There’s no denying the... Read More

Do You Need a COVID-19 Booster Shot?

December 31, 2021 — Studies show after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, protection against the virus and the ability to prevent infection with variants may decrease over time. CDC recommends everyone ages 18 and older should get a COVID-19 booster shot CDC’s recommendations now allow for this type of mix and match dosing for booster shots. Bring your COVID-19 Vaccination Record... Read More

Stickers are a part of everyone’s life—regardless of age!

December 31, 2021 — There are endless amounts of stickers to collect! One of the most common “sticker” collections are actually stamps—which are considered to be the first stickers. Stickers can be a delightful form of self-expression. They can be funny, crazy, thought provoking, silly, or intelligent. Stickers can be used as way for you to proclaim your views... Read More

Tips for Creating Successful Resolutions

December 31, 2021 — Stick to 1-2 important goals. Having a laundry list of all the things you would like to change in your life can be overwhelming. Having a smaller list allows you to concentrate all your energy and focus on these goals. Once you achieve those goals, you can always set a few more! Be realistic. An all-or-nothing attitude... Read More

Veterans Day

December 2, 2021 — Shady Lawn would like to take a moment to thank all veterans for their service and show our appreciation for everything they have done for our country. Our residents celebrated and honored our facility veteran family consisting of Winford M., Clinton T., Jason R. “J.J.”, and Willie J. Some residents and staff sent out messages... Read More

Halloween Highlights

December 2, 2021 — Shady Lawn residents and staff had a fun filled Halloween by enjoying a party with music, games, a costume contest, pumpkin painting, and of course yummy treats. We then had window visits with the trick-or-treaters that came to our facility. We love and appreciate our little community we call home!

Winter Wellness Tips

December 2, 2021 — Instead of picking up a cup of hot chocolate to keep yourself warm, try an herbal beverage. The cold air and indoor heaters can dry out your skin. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day and use moisturizers throughout winter. Buy some indoor plants to soften up the dry atmosphere... Read More

The Gift of Inner Peace and Less Stress

December 2, 2021 — There is a great need for peace in the world today. We can sometimes be captivated by violent and negative events shown in the media, but how do these unsettling situations affect peace on a local or individual level? Do you need more peace in your life? Many people would answer yes. Creating peace in... Read More