Get Ready for Friendsgiving!

senior man senior woman and young woman sitting at a table with drinks in hand

Thanksgiving is for your family, “Friendsgiving” is for you friends! Keeping in contact with your friends can be tricking during the hustle of day-to-day, but don’t worry, you can make up for lost time with a proper Friendsgiving.

The word Friendsgiving first appeared around 2007, as an informal large meal which featured a mishmash of friends and relatives, rather than the more traditional family-only Thanksgiving. Why not celebrate both? We can always do with another excuse to spend special time with our beloved friends and family.

Take some time to set up a big meal, either social distanced or online, where you can sit and talk with a group of your friends whom you’ve been missing. Share stories about your experiences over the past year, and let them know what you are thankful for. You may find that you have been dearly missed as well.

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