International Day of Peace: September 21

two hands coming together to make a heart shape

Established by the United Nations, the International Day of Peace aims to promote a culture of non-violence and ceasefire. Nations and individuals are encouraged to resolve conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy. It serves as a platform for various peace initiatives, cooperation, understanding, and compassion among all people and countries.

Peace Art and Crafts: Engage in art activities like drawing, painting, or making peace-themed crafts to express feelings and ideas about peace.

Peace Meditation Session: Engage in peaceful meditation session that focuses on positive energy and peaceful thoughts.

Write Letters for Peace: Write letters to leaders or organizations advocating for peace and expressing support for peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Peace Storytelling: Share stories or books about peace and understanding to inspire conversations and empathy.

Acts of Kindness: Perform random acts of kindness in the community, spreading peace and positivity.

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