Letter from the Administrator

In the month of February, there comes a day celebrated for love. That day is Valentine’s Day. If you are waiting for this day to come around so that you can show your love, you are missing a part of life that should be valued for more than once a year. The expression of love to another should not be reserved for a single day or for a special event or occasion like an anniversary or birthday. The celebration of love is more about how you live each day with the one you love and care for. In the course of a lifetime, it is the accumulation of all the little things that express that love whether that is verbally or with actions. The celebration of love does not have to wait for the end of the day, or until you arrive home from work. Sometimes, it may just be a spontaneous telephone call or a little note slipped under their pillow as you quietly leave for work before the other rises. Let us all try to take a few moments each day to express to others how much they mean to us. We all have a few spare moments, don’t we?

Jordan Vinson


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