Letter from the Administrator

I don’t know about you, but after a long winter I’m ready to go outside and enjoy a new season and some warmer weather. March has arrived and spring is upon us. Well, it’s not technically spring yet, but will be soon enough. You know what that means; longer days, warmer weather and lots of sunshine. It’s also the season of growth and renewal. It is the time for you to let the cold and gloomy feelings of winter time out and fun in the sun in. Spring is a way to cleanse your spirit and take in a breath of fresh air. Soon the trees and flowers will start blooming. Birds will start building nests and laying eggs. We’ll soon be hearing the sound of lawn mowers and children playing outside. Some of us will be knee deep in dirt getting our gardens and yards in order and just the way we like. Some will be enjoying relaxing afternoons on the porch listening to the sounds of nature around us. Whatever spring means to you, this is the time of year for rejuvenation. To make this spring meaningful, make a major change to feel fulfilled and happy. Use spring to refresh your mind and body.

Jordan Vinson

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