Success Story: Jackie A.

Jackie A. was admitted to Shady Lawn Nursing & Rehab in November 2017. Upon admission, he began an extensive five-day-a-week specialized therapy program. Jackie improved tremendously with his activities of daily living, communication skills and mobility, and was successfully discharged home in January 2018!

He successfully completed his rehab program with:

  • 115.4% improvement in his activities of daily living
  • 114.3% improvement in cognition
  • 111% improvement in his swallowing

The Shady Lawn staff could not be prouder of him and his accomplishments. During his stay here, he participated in our wide range of activities and had the most visitors to date. It’s easy to see why Jackie is loved by so many. We will miss him and his family at Shady Lawn, but seeing patients walk out on us is what we love the most!

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