April Updates

April had some challenges for the Activity Dept. We had to be very creative with our 1:1 room visits since group activities were suspended due to Covid-19. We still did a lot of our normal activities just on a much smaller scale. We did doorway bingo, exercise, doorway trivia, music and karaoke, crafts and lots of snack carts that offered ice cream, popcorn, cookies, and flavored coffee. The Easter Bunny still came to visit and pass out treats to the residents. We started a pen-pal program with a nursing facility in Louisiana. We offered Skype/video calls for families so they can keep in touch with their loved ones. Several families have taken advantage of this and LOVE it. We have started crafting items for our flower gardens outside such as bird feeders, a bird bath and wind chimes. We hope to get back to normal very soon and can start enjoying each other’s company in group settings.

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