Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Celebrate women’s history this month by expanding your knowledge and sharing interesting historical facts. Their strength could be your inspiration!

It was only just over 100 years ago that women in the United States achieved the right to vote. It’s important to note that while fighting for their fair and equal rights to vote in 1920, suffragists were also facing a deadly Spanish flu virus.

In the following ten years, women were represented on local, state and national political committees. Despite this shift, in many cases women were still not welcome in higher education or in wage-earning jobs.

In the 1930s the term “women’s work” took on a whole new meaning when the Great Depression saw thousands of jobs lost in male-dominated fields. Many women were able to keep steady jobs and provide for themselves and their families.

With the help of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s lobbying efforts, women found their way into many new jobs and careers! Although the change was small at first, the effects over the years have been long-lasting.

During March, call, text, video-chat, or visit with the strong, encouraging women in your life and celebrate Women’s History Month!

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