Short-Term Therapy Success Stories

Brant H. was admitted to facility on 05-06-22 for short term rehab on due to a fall at his home. Brant underwent right hip replacement in the hospital due to a Femoral neck fracture. Upon admission, Brant was MAX assist for bathing and hygiene, MOD assist for upper body dressing and dependent for lower body dressing, and only able to tolerate 30-60 seconds of functional activity. Pt was unable to ambulate and MAX assist for transfers from the bed to chair. Brant was able to discharge home on 06-01-22 independent with hygiene, dressing, bathing, and transfers. Brant could tolerate more than 20 minutes of functional activity before needing a break. Brant was walking 75 feet independently with his rolling walker when he was discharged home. Brant was in pain upon admission from his surgery however, he was motivated to return home and with rehab, hard work and pain management he was able to safely discharge home.

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