Tell A Story Day is April 27 – Steps to Write Your Own Story

Writing a story, whether a short story or a novel, is similar to building a house. You must first start with a foundation. This is, of course, the idea stage. What story do you want to tell?

Once you have set up your foundation, you will need to draft an outline. Jot down your thoughts and ideas in an outline and build on them. This stage is an excellent time to create your characters for your story and to develop their attributes. Are they tall? Do they have brown hair? What is their position in your story? As you create your outline, you should also be thinking about the setting of your story and how your characters fit into that setting.

Now it is finally time to start adding your walls and ceiling. Begin to put your characters and settings together to tell your story. A good story usually includes a protagonist and an antagonist meeting in an interesting or exciting moment. Think of your story like a roller coaster ride. Start rolling your story uphill to the climactic event, and then fly downhill to end your story.

Once you have created your story, you can start painting the walls and choosing the type of carpet you want. Read your story again and add extra details to your characters or to the theme. Consider creating more dialogue or changing the ending. Ask for someone you trust to read your story and offer constructive criticism.

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